Vintage/Older IBM PC Hardware & Software Page

    Here you will find older or "vintage" PC items for sale. Mainly from the 80's and maybe a few things from the late 70's. There may even be a few things from the early 90's. My goal is to have things that PC collectors will be interested in.

    After I get this section a little more polished, I plan on adding a used computer section. So if your in the market for a low cost XT, 286, 386, or even a 486, then this will be the place to get one. Keep tuned.

    I'm will be adding pictures in the next week or two. If there's something you want to see, let me know. I will get a picture for you within 24 hours or so.

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Vintage IBM Christmas Cards - from the early 80's, has the early Charlie Chaplin Look-a-like guy. $3.00 each, or 2 for $5.00. Look at the picture. [Picture]
Commodore 16 Computer. It looks almost exactly like the Commodore 64, except it's black. The power supply is also only about as big as a ring box if you can believe that. This Computer is in great shape. It has been tested and works fine. It comes in the original box, power supply, RF connector and cable to hook up to the TV, the manual, and as a bonus it comes with a Commodore 16 Tutor Cartridge so that you will have some software to run. This is everything you need so that you can start using this computer right away. I will post the picture after I copy it from the camera. $39.00
External 5 1/4 " Floppy Drive for IBM PS/2 Computers. This is a really neat external floppy drive for older IBM computers. New in the box. Adapter not included. Comes with box, instructions, adapter cable, power cable. Never used before. [Picture]  Sort of looks like a Commodore 64 Drive. $25.00
IBM Sales / Service Kits - These are Nice kits in the tradition IBM boxes from 1982 - 84. Each one comes in a deep green binder with a grey dustcover. I have (1) of most of these, there are  (2) of a couple of them. They are all in pretty good shape. Some of them have small or minor stains or discoloration on the outside of the dustcovers, but not too bad at all for the age. These were the manuals that authorized IBM service centers kept in their workshops [Picture]

IBM Personal Decision Series Business Management Series Sales Training kit. Part # 6135387. This ones in good shape. The dustcover has a little wear and a few minor stains.  Comes with a full color manual and 2 VHS video tapes. Comes in the classic IBM Box with Dustcover. $26.50 [Picture]

IBM Personal Computer Cluster Sales/Service Training. Part #6360241. This one is in excellent shape. Comes with full color manual, really cool computer cluster poster, and (4) 5.25 " floppy disks. $30.00 [Picture]
IBM Personal Printers Sales Techniques/Managing Objections.  This one is just a VHS video tape in a binder with a dustcover. The green on this binder is a little more flat than the others. This is probably not the same series as the rest of these. Everything is in excellent shape except the dustcover, it has a few light minor stains or scuff marks where it protected the rest of the package. Not bad at all though. $20.00
IBM Software Sales Training. Part #6360337 Fatter binder than some of the others. This package comes with a LOGO (Turtle Graphics) sales training manual and a Logo sales training Diskette. Why the binder doesn't say Logo Sales Training, I don't know. I would guess that as IBM sent sales training books and disks for other products, they were suppose to add them to this binder. In the past, IBM would send out large binders with small manuals in them. Over time, you would get update pages or software that you would add to your binder. Too bad the software companies don't put this kind of time into their documentation anymore. The dustcover has very minor wear on the outside of this package, everything else looks great. $27.00 [Picture]
IBM Portable Personal Computer Sales/Service Training. Part #6360285. Here is another one with slight wear or minor stains on the outside dustcover. Binder and everything else looks great. Package comes with manual and 6 disks. 3 Disks for sales training and 3 more disks for service training. This is another great addition to any collection. $29.00 [Picture]
IBM PC Network Service Training Part #6135192, another excellent IBM package. Dustcover and binder are in good shape. Comes with the full color service training booklet and the service training software. This is one of my favorite items. $30.00 [Picture]
IBM Personal Decision Series Business Management Series Sales Training. Part #6135387. Binder and dustcover have a little wear, not bad though. This one comes with the full color booklet in the binder, but it's missing the VHS tapes and the software. Still a nice binder and dustcover. It still has the holders for the VHS tapes, maybe I can  get copies of the tapes that go there. $12.50
Compaq Portable II PC Computer. Comes with a 5.25 floppy drive, and a 3.5 floppy drive as well. This is a 286 machine. It had a Hard Card in it that I couldn't get going, so I took it out. This machine is in need of a hard drive. I don't have a setup disk either. The computer boots up fine with a 5 1/4 boot Dos Boot disk. Make an offer! System is Shipping weight is 21 lbs.
IBM Basic v3.0 Reference Kit - This item is brand new factory sealed in the box. Excellent condition. A must have for any IBM collection. Check out the picture. [Picture] $20.00
Vintage IBM Christmas Cards - from the early 80's, has the early Charlie Chaplin Look-a-like guy. $3.00 each, or 2 for $5.00. Look at the picture. [Picture]
BLANK 5 1/4 " Floppy Disks  2M Factory Sealed 2 Disks per pack, single sided, double density. $1.00 per pack. [Picture]
BLANK 5 1/4 " Floppy Disks 10 Pack Factory Sealed. All types and Brands (DS, DD, or HD) 10 per Pack. Various Brands $5.00 per box of 10. Just about any type of 10 pack you want. [Picture]
5 1/4 Floppy Drive cleaner & 10 pack of Verbatim blanks with Plastic Disk Holder. New Factory Sealed. This is a must have for any classic computer collector or 5 1/4 floppy drive user. $9.00 [Picture]
Brother Keyboard KB-50 for a Daisy Wheel Printer. New in original shipping box. I'm not sure what model of printers this will work with. This turns a daisy wheel printer into a type-writer. Cool! 10.00
IBM PS/2 Data Migration Facility. Unused in original box. Comes with Adapter and software on floppy disk. Kit to copy data from one computer to another using adapter, printer cable, and software.  $12.50
5 1/4 Inch Floppy Drives These drives are untested due to the massive amount of work it takes to test them. I have quite a few of these, various brands. I have found in my experience that most older 5.25 drives usually work after a good cleaning. I wouldn't recommend the purchase of an older 5.25 drive through a website unless you do have the proper equipment to clean it and keep it clean. If the drive you purchase does not work, we will send you another one. $5.00
IBM PS/2 Mouse - Brand new IBM PS/2 Mouse new in the original packaging. Nice collectible. $25.00 [Picture]
IBM PS/2 Reference Guide Third Edition 1987 - This is an IBM PS/2 Catalog from 1987. It covers The System 25 - System 80 and even the PC convertible. It also showcases IBM Monitors, Printers, Options, Software and more. This is a must have for any PC collector. Good provider of reference. 81 pages. $7.00
Vintage Compaq Brochure from 1984 a small brochure highlighting the original Compaq computer line. Just a nice little keepsake. $1.50
IBM Personal Decision Series Productivity Family Brochure. What can I say about this. $2.00
IBM Business Management Series Brochure $1.70
Lotus Symphony Brochures, new in mint condition. 0.10 each. <- I hate to toss them. A nice keepsake.
Micropro WordStar Command Reference Card A reference card for WordStar for all the commands. Hard cardboard stock Nice memento! $1.00
Volksmodem 12 Need a vintage modem? Comes in the original box and includes a power cord and a serial cable. I wonder if a vintage BBS would get any calls. $5.00
Volks Modem cable new in the original package. $2.00
Tandy Data Terminal DT 100 new in the original box. $70.00
PS/2 Keyboard extension cable New in the package. $4.00

Vintage IBM Guides To Operations Pictures [Click Here]

Vintage IBM Guides to Operations and other Misc. IBM guides. These are getting a little tougher to come across. Most of the ones I have are in excellent shape, so grab them while there available.

Vintage IBM Guide to Operations Personal Computer #6322510 Very good shape. Almost new. Comes with dustcover, binder, software, and manual. The software is a diagnostics disk for the IBM PC. $30.00
Vintage IBM Guide to Operations Personal Computer AT #1502241 This is in near mint condition.. Almost new. Comes with dustcover, binder, software, and manual. There are 2 5.25 inch floppies, Diagnostics for IBM PC AT, and Exploring the IBM PC AT. This package is from 1984 and even still has the registration card as well. You have to add this to your vintage PC collection. $30.00
Vintage IBM Guide to Operations Personal Computer AT #1502241 Just like the above, except this one is still factory sealed in the original shrink wrap. Never opened or used. Mint condition. $45.00
Vintage IBM Guide to Operations portable personal Computer #6936571 1983 This is in good shape. Comes with dustcover, binder, software, and manual. The software is a diagnostics disk for the IBM PC. $40.00
IBM Guide to operations "Quite writer" Printer 5201 #1341342 Some wear $8.00
IBM Welcome pack from 1985, this comes in the open me 1st box that comes with IBM PC's in 1985. It comes with a hardware facts brochure and a copy of the Library which shows the entire IBM line of software for 1985. See picture. $19.00 [Picture]
PC / PS2 Star Wars Stormtrooper mouse. A Stormtroopers head as a mouse. Brand new in box. $9.99 See the picture. [Picture]
Quadmodem by Quadram Ė This is a 1200 baud modem internal 8 bit modem along with software and a manual. Also comes in a dustcover with a spiral binder. The whole things looks like itís probably been used, so Iím selling this as is. $5.00
Compaq 386/20e - This is a nice little piece of PC history. One of the 1st 386 machines on the market. Also comes with a Compaq keyboard and mouse. Has a 1.4 meg floppy drive along with a 5.25 drive as well. The hard drive that was in it died. I want to install another but I don't have one thats compatible with this machine. You can still boot the computer with a floppy. Everything else seems to work fine. The computer is in pretty good shape. There are some faded spots and some yellowing. Check out the picture. [Picture] $10.00 plus actual shipping to your zip code.

Vintage IBM Hardware Maintenance and Service Personal computer XT volume I  #6322513. Manual Comes with Binder & dust cover. Original owners name is written on the outside of this package. Other than that, package is in good shape. No software is included. $19.00  

Vintage IBM Hardware Maintenance and Service volume 2 complete with manual and software. Comes with a binder in a dustcover. Everything is in good shape except the original owners name is written on the outside of the binder. $22.00

Vintage IBM Hardware Maintenance and Service Quiet Writer Printer 5201. This guide is factory sealed. #1341367.  $11.00

IBM Beginners Guide for the UCSD p-System, #6936580. Factory sealed, with binder and dustcover. Good condition. $30.00

Vintage IBM Word Processing Sales Training # 5500002.  Factory sealed with dust cover and binder

IBM PC Convertible Internal Modem in the original package. This package has been opened, but I don't believe it's ever been used. The Manual pages and floppy disk are still sealed. Package is in fair - good shape and I believe everything is there. $6.00 [Picture]

IBM PCjr Stuff

Color TV Adapter $10.00
Color TV Adapter Sealed in original packaging $17.00 [Picture]
Diskette Drive Belt #8285998 $3.00
Internal Modem Sealed #860008 $18.00
Keyboard Card ASM #8654226 $5.99
Power Supply New/Unused #6135986 $15.00
PCjr Power Expansion Attachment (Sidecar Attachment) $9.00
Color Display Adapter #825991 $14.00
Keyboard (Chiclet) small square keys / Mint condition / original box included $19.49 [Picture]
Memory Card / floppy drive adapter (64k) $5.99
Mineshaft Game Factory Sealed in hard plastic box $18.99 [Picture]

IBM PC Vintage Software software from the early 80's.

Epson Equity MS-Dos v3.1 GW-Basic software Pack - MS-Dos v3.1 and GW-Basic. As packaged by Microsoft for the Epson Equity Computers. 2 Binders, 2 Shrink wrapped unused manuals, 2 disks, all packed in a nice sturdy hard dustcover. These have been opened, but they look new. Very large package. Shipping weight is 11 lbs. $18.00 Nice collectible.
Vintage IBM Cobol Compiler 1982 - Is a bit dusty. Comes with dustcover, binder, manual, and software. There is a 'Not for sale' sticker on it. This was an in-store demo for a computer shop in my hometown. Nice addition to any PC collection. $35.00
Falcon MS-Dos v3.1 - as packaged for the Falcon computer. Comes in a cardboard box with a spiral bound manual. Also comes with dos 3.1 on a 5.25 floppy in a paper envelope. I have several of these, some of them have been opened by me for testing and a few are still sealed. Not a bad keepsake.$10.00
IBM PS/2 Sampler New factory sealed in original package. In great shape. These are 3 disk packages that IBM included with the 1st PS/2 machines. Click here for details on this package $15.00 a must have item for collectors. [Picture]
LAN Link Starter Kit v1.1 The local area network that fits on a disk. New sealed in the original box. $18.00
Galaxian from Atarisoft for IBM with 128k of memory. This is the classic game from Atarisoft factory sealed in the original box. In excellent mint shape. Requires Dos 2.0 $10.00
Vintage IBM Personal Editor #6024051 - possibility the first notepad application for the PC. This was an in store demo so it has a couple of 'not for sale' stickers on the inside.. It's a little dusty. Comes with a binder, manual, some reference cards, keyboard reference chart 5.25 floppy disks, and a dustcover.  It's in one of the vintage IBM boxes from the early 80's. $14.00
Lotus Symphony Text Outliner - Store Demo Copy. New, factory sealed in original hard plastic box. 5.25 floppy disk. 1984 Lotus Dev Corp. Never opened or used. Good Condition. Picture May be coming one day. $9.00
IBM Payroll by Peachtree v1.1 Factory sealed in the classic IBM box. See the picture. $12.00
[Picture Here]
Lotus Symphony Spelling Checker - Store Demo Copy. New, factory sealed in original hard plastic box. 5.25 floppy disk. 1984 Lotus Dev Corp. Never opened or used. Good condition. $9.00
Architect/ Engineer, Medallion Collection - from Timberline Software Industry Series. Required Dos 3.1 and 640k ram. New, factory sealed. Mint condition. Shipping Weight 4.5 Lbs. $11.00
Payroll, Medallion Collection - from Timberline Software Industry Series. Required Dos 3.1 and 640k ram. New, factory sealed. Mint condition. 4.5 lbs $6.00
The Ultimate from Computer Creations - 5 in 1 office suite. Word Processor, Dictionary, Database Manager, Mail Merger, and Terminal Program (Z-Com). An Early Office Suite. Requires an XT, Dos 1.1 and 96k of ram, and 2 floppy drives. New, factory sealed. I remember using this in the very early 80's. sealed binder and dustcover. $15.50
RELAY Complete Communications package, from VM Personal Computing. You can run this program with one drive and 64k. Brand new, factory sealed. Very early 80s. Sealed binder with dustcover. $11.00 [Picture]
Leading Edge Word Processor. Remember leading edge? They made a lot of hardware and some software as well between the mid 80's up to the mid 90's. I donít know what happened to them. Anyway, this is their product. A word processor on 5.25 inch floppy. Factory sealed in a binder with a big fat manual. Not a bad word processor at all. It wants 256k of ram and runs well on an XT. 1983 New $14.00
Nutshell Database software from leading edge. I remember this well. Great program. Requires 256k memory. Brand new factory sealed. Binder, manual, dustcover, and software on floppy disk. ©) Nashoba systems 1984.$14.00
Learning DOS 2.0 from IBM, Mini Tan IBM rubber type binder with software and manual. Used and slightly worn. $10.00
Solomon III from TLB INC. In Store Demo copy. Brand new, factory sealed. Accounting Software Early eighties, 5.25 floppy disk. $5.00
Vintage IBM Asynchronous Communications Support (box #6024032) 1983 a Little dusty. Factory Sealed, never opened or used. $17.00
IBM Peachtext by Peachtree, (box #6024039) Nice word processor for an XT in 1983. In the famous IBM box with Dustcover, binder, manual, and 5.25 floppy software. Brand new, factory sealed. $12.00
IBM Peachtree Inventory Control new (#6024015) $10.00
IBM Peachtree Accounts Receivable v1.1 #6024056 $10.00
The Accounting Partner from Star Software Systems, Brand new, factory sealed. Complete ready to run accounting software for the Epson QX-10. Never opened or used. Shipping weight 8 lbs. $13.00
Peachtree Complete III the business accounting system - comes on 5.25 inch floppies and 11 manuals. All 10 floppies are here and the disks are in very good shape and have been in the box in a closet for a long time, so they have been protected. The dustcover is thin cardboard and has some wear, but the manuals and disks are in real good shape.  This is from 1990 and runs on any XT or AT with 640k of Ram. If you really wanted to, you could actually install this on a machine and run your business with it. You would have to add the tax codes manually, but only once. At one time, this was the accounting package of choice. Anyway, it's a little heavy, but I can ship it media mail for big shipping savings. $12.00 Shipping Weight 9 lbs.
IBM Assistant Accounting Solutions for IBM PC, XT, and PCjr. (C) IBM 1984 Brand new factory sealed in one of those smaller hard plastic boxes from IBM.  This looks brand new. Very nice addition to any vintage PC collection. $12.00
IBM Basic Primer - for IBM PC and PCjr. This package is new still in the original shrink warp. It comes in a mini binder with a booklet and the software. The cover has the Charlie Chaplin guy that IBM used for all the early PC advertising. I love this item just for the picture on the cover. $15.00
IBM pfs:Report - #6024045 pfs:Report as released under the IBM name. Comes in the usual hard IBM dustcover, binder, manual. 5.25 software  floppy.. Everything is in good shape, a little dusty though. $10.00.
QMS Printer Fonts Ė down-loadable fonts on diskette for QMS laser printers. D5 PC Graphics Portrait font set. From the Laser connection. New, shrink wrapped in the original box. $5.00
MultiLink Advanced Ė Multi-user, multi-tasking software from 1983, 84. Comes in a mini binder with the disk and a manual. Used. $5.00
Video Link 88 from Windmill Software for the PC. Communications software. New, never used. Comes in a bagged with inst booklet. Windmill software were the makers of the classic CGA game Digger. Digger was the best CGA game ever with excellent digital sound and real smooth grafix. You can find it all over the web if your interested. $4.00
Video Graph Plus from Windmill Software for the PC. Enhanced Graphics screen printing for the IBM PC. Comes bagged with inst booklet. $3.50
IBM Basic Primer Ė Basic Programming Tutor for the PC by IBM. Comes in a plain brown binder sealed. I also have this same item but in better packaging. $7.00
PFS Write for MS-Dos. Version unknown. 1983. This is not the version in the IBM box. $5.50
Fast Forward for Dos v2.0 Ė Run programs faster. Mark Williams Co. $2.50
The Handlers Ė Word Handler, List Handler, and Spell Handle. From Silicon Valley Systems. Comes in a sealed binder. $3.00
Multimate v3.12c as packaged for the Corona PC. Comes in the original plastic box with a binder, manual, and of course the software. Used, but the disks are still sealed. $10.00
Computer Prep for the SAT for the IBM PC & PCjr. Comes in a big fat plastic box with a fat book of practice tests, software, and the manual. $7.00
The Draftsman from starware. Advance graphics software for 1983. Comes in a blue mini binder with inst booklet and software. $3.00
The Sorter from Starware. Comes in a blue mini binder. Inst sheet and software. $2.50
IBM Home Budget Program #6936798 1984, sealed with mini binder, manual, and software on 5.25 inch floppy disk. $6.00
IBM Basic Primer #6024053 comes sealed in flesh colored plastic mini binder. Basic instruction course from IBM on 5.25 floppy disk with manual. $9.00
RELAY v2.3 from VM Personal Computing. Open the world for your IBM PC with RELAY the Complete Communications Package. This was the 1st great Communications program for the PC. Do you know what made it so great? Let me tell you... it had a dialing directory so you didn't have to type in atdtxxx-xxxx everything you made a call on your modem. Thatís right, just a simple dialing directory. This software is factory sealed in the original package. It's in very good shape. Minimum Configuration is a 1 drive 64 KB system. Unattended operation requires 96kb of RAM.  This package is shrink-wrapped, but it looks to be a binder in a dustcover. $16.00
IBM DOW JONES REPORTER #6024031 Factory SEALED binder with Dustcover in the normal 1983, 84 IBM hardcover box package. The shrink-wrap seems to have a little dust or maybe mildew on the side; it looks like itís just clinging to the bottom of the plastic wrap. Worst case scenario is that it's on the outside of the dustcover. I may open it too see if it comes off, If I do, I will update this listing. $5.00

"Easy" from the makers of WORDSTAR, 1985 (Micropro) Factory sealed in the original retail package. This is v1.0 of EASY which is supposed to be a very simple word processor. Requires Dos 2.0 & 256K or better. I guess this was Micropro making an attempt to comeback in the software world. This is a sealed box, the box is a little out of shape at the top, but it's not too bad. Everything should be fine on the inside. $12.00

IBM Assistant Home Solutions in the original hard plastic box. Pre Designed forms to help keep up with home finances for use with IBM filing assistant.  This package has been opened and there are NOT FOR Sale stickers on the floppies. Package is in fair - good shape. $6.00

MultiMate v3.20,  excellent word processor from the XT days. Factory sealed in original package. Nice blue velvet like plastic dustcover, and wire bound tutorial.  Very nice item $16.00

Peachtext 5000, Complete office suite for MS-DOS in 1984. Factory sealed. $9.00

IBM Time Manager (1983) #6024019 Factory sealed with binder and dustcover. $6.00

MS-DOS v3.1 as packaged for Tandon in 1986. This version of Dos came with the Tandon PC. Comes with 4 Manuals which slide neatly into a cardboard dustcover for easy storage. The Software comes on (2) 5 1/4 inch floppy disks in a little mini binder. The included manuals are Tandon Install Guide, GWBASIC, MS-DOS Users Guide, and an Operations and Installation Guide. If your like me, then you like to keep older Copies of DOS lying around just for booting and testing the many older PCs Iím always dragging home after a long day of searching. $11.00

IBM Assistant Executive Solutions factory sealed in a NEW Retail original hard plastic box. Pre-designed forms for use with IBM Filing assistant.  Software is on 5.25 disks. System requirements are IBM PC or PC XT or PCjr or Portable PC with 128kb of Memory and Double sided diskette drive. $9.00

Sort of Vintage Software     software from the late 80's up to the late 90's.

Novell Netware Lite v1.1 peer to peer software from novel. New retail box. $15.00 [Picture]
PFS:First Choice v3.5 - DOS 286/386/486 - Classic Dos Business suite. Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Charts, Database (Dbase 3/4 Compatible) and even a Terminal program as well. This was the word process   of choice at one time. New factory sealed in retail box. 3.5 Disks 19.99 [Picture]
The Norton Utilities v7.0 - Classic must have utilities for any tech out there. Dos 6.0 & Win 3.1 Compatible. NEW/Retail Box/Fact Sealed. $19.99 [Picture]
Lotus AmiPro Release 3.0 for Windows. This software comes with the Disk only, I have tested them and it installs fine.  3.5 inch floppy disk. Excellent word processor. In the early 90's, this was the premium word processor of choice for a lot of us computer Geeks. Even though this software is from 1992, I tested it with Windows XP and it worked great believe it or not. Itís still a nice word processor and itís super fast in XP. Disk only, no box or manuals. $5.00
LANtastic v6.0 Network Add-On Kit. New, factory sealed in retail box. This is a software and hardware kit too add a node to a LANtastic v6.0 network on coaxial cable. Comes with the Noderunner / SI 2000 / C Ethernet adapter and the software.. Box has Never been opened or used. 4 lbs. $20
MicroPro WordStar 2000 replacement Disk Set new in a white a red cardboard envelope. This is a replacement set of 5.25 floppies that replaces the disks in v1.0 and updates it too version 1.1 - There are 4 disks. The instructions say throw out the disks with WordStar 2000 v1.1 and use these instead. Anyway, I have quite a few of these. $1.50 <- Good price. :) (I think)
FormTool for Dos and Windows 3.1 Small Business Edition - I don't know who all remembers this, but at one time it was the standard in form making and filling software. The box says this is for Dos and Windows and required a 286 or higher with 2 meg of memory. This software really isn't that old, it's from 1984. This is brand new shrink wrapped in the box. Never opened or used. $5.00
Clip Art Heaven 2 - This is the clip art package that everyone needs. Over 12,000 clip art images. They are mainly black & white clips and they cover every single subject and theme you can think of. The best part about this collection is that it comes with a big thick book that allows you to look up the clip you want and see it in print. So there wont be all the time consuming searching through the disk and checking out clips one by one. The book is a feature that most of the older clip art collections had, but not with today's collections. If you use clip art, this is a must have. $10.00
Winfax Pro v4.0 for Windows 3.1 and probably runs with Windows 95 as well. Original Floppies only sealed in the shipping bag. $4.00
Microsoft Profit for Windows. 1993 Accounting made easy. 1993. New, factory sealed in the original retail box. Never opened or used. $9.50
Greeting Card Magic for Windows from Swift Platinum. Win 95 and Win 3.1 compatible. Used, comes in original box with 3.5 floppy disks and CD-Rom. $2.50
OS/2 v2.0 Comes in the original box with the complete set of floppy Disks only. No manuals. I tested floppies and they installed fine. The box is torn on the top a little. $10.00
Microsoft Money for Win95 in the original retail box complete with manual and 3.5 floppy disks. Disks have never been used or installed. $2.00
Night Owl NOPV 22 CD-Rom Best of MS-DOS shareware, freeware and Public Domain. BBS Ready. This is a classic for any old BBS user. $4.00
Norton Antivirus v4.0 for Win95/98/ME used, retail box, complete. Very Good shape$4.00

PFS:First Publisher v3.0 with DELUXE PAINT II FREE inside the box from Spinnaker software. When I 1st got into PC computers, PFS made some of the best word processing and desktop publishing software. Matter of fact, 1st Choice was the only word processor that I really liked in the ASCII days of MS-DOS. It was the only WP that had a 1/2 way decent looking interface. I realize looks don't mean a while lot, but it was still my favorite. Anyway, first publisher is their desktop publisher and it is also a nice product. This item is factory sealed in the original package. Never has been opened or used. 5.25Ē floppy disks. As a bonus, Deluxe Paint II comes free in the box. That's 2 classic software programs in one package. This software requires Dos 2.1 with 512K ram. It recommends Dos 4.0 with 640K of Ram and a hard disk. This package is in excellent shape. $25.00

CORELDRAW v3.0 CD-Rom for Win3.1, Windows 95, includes  CorelCHART, Corel PHOTOPAINT, CorelSHOW, CorelTRACE, Corel MOSAIC v3.0. New CD in a shrink-wrapped jewel case. $7.00

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